There are about 3000 different species of Bromeliad.  The most commonly known species is the pineapple, the only Bromeliad that produces edible fruit.  These attractively colored houseplants flower only once, but the bloom often lasts for three to six months.  Plants will continue to grow by producing offshoots, or "pups", from the base of the plant.  These new "pups" will eventually bloom with proper care.


Bromeliads prefer indirect light.


Bromeliads prefer moderate temperatures above 50F.


Evenly moist soil is ideal - do not let the soil dry out.  Water the soil only.  Do not leave standing water inside the bloom, as this may rot the plant.


Bromeliads must be fertilized on a regular basis.  For best results, use Better-Gro® Controlled Release Plant Food.  Distribute the fertilizer evenly around the perimeter of the pot.  One application can last up to 12 months.


After the flowering cycle, the mother plant will have offspring sprouting from the base.  With proper care, this new pup will bloom.  To encourage flowering, you can also drop a small slice of fruit into the plant's cup (the center of the plant).  The decomposition of this fruit will release ethylene gas and induce flowering.


Bromeliad with Trellis

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