The Oncidium Equitant, as known as "The Dancing Lady" is often considered the most spectacular of the garden orchids.  These plants can bloom with up to a thousand blossoms at a time in vivid colors.  Colors range primarily from yellow to bronze, white and pink, and some are spotted with brown.  There are several hundred varieties, and some flower for up to three months.


Oncidium Equitants prefer bright, filtered light, and 35-65% shade.


Equitants prefer temperatures between 70F to 85F during the day, and 50F to 65F at night.


Allow the potting media to dry out completely before watering.  


Equitants must be fertilized on a regular basis.  For best results, use Better-Gro® Orchid Plus® Fertilizer every week, and Better-Gro® Better-Bloom® Fertilizer at every fourth watering to promote large, abundant blooms.


Re-pot once per year using Better-Gro® Special Orchid Mix®.


Common pests associated with Equitants are scale, mealy bugs and spider mites. Pests can be treated with pesticide sprays such as Orthene®, Sevin®, Malathion®, or Neem Oil®.


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