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Welcome! The Vanilla Orchid

GIVEAWAY! For the Love of Orchids...Show Us Your Blooming Success with Orchids! 

Winner Announced! For the Love of Orchids...Show Us Your Blooming Success with Orchids

How to Keep Your Orchids Sunburn-Free This Summer

Keeping Your Orchid Healthy Between Blooming Cycles

Easy Orchid Growing Tips for Vandas

Orchids Need Food Just Like People Do!

The Excitement of Baggy Babies: The Blooming-Size Orchid

Winner Announced! The Excitement of a Baggy Baby Contest

Places in Your Home that Orchids Love

Cutting Your Orchid's Spike After Blooming

Mounting an Orchid Made Easy

Mounting an Orchid Contest Winner

Orchidelirium: An Obsession with Orchids

Choosing the Ideal Potting Media for Your Orchid

How to Produce (Almost) Never-Ending Blooms on a Phalaenopsis

How to Uniquely Display Orchids

Unique Orchid Display Winner Announcement

Warming Your Winter Décor with Orchids

Cattleya: The Iconic Orchid

Caring for Your Cattleya

Orchids: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Acrostic Orchid Poem Contest Winner

Understanding Orchid Hybridization

Orchids: An Artist's Inspiration

Decorating with Orchids for the Holidays

Decorating with Orchids for the Holidays Challenge Winners

Vanda: The Large, Regularly Blooming Orchid

What You Need to Know About Giving Your Orchid a Winter Rest

Entering an Orchid Into a Show

Preparing Your Orchid for a Show

Awards of Orchid Shows

Caring for Your Vanda

Sneak Peek: The Orchid Show: Celebrating 40 Years at Selby Gardens presented by Better-Gro®

Dressing Up an Orchid After Its Bloom Cycle

What you Need to Know About Latouriate Dendrobiums

Dendrobium: The Bamboo-Style Orchid

Caring for Your Dendrobium

Fragrant Orchids

Oncidium Orchids

Sun Bulb Company Celebrates Turning 60!

Easy Orchid Growing Care Tips and Video

Common Types of Orchids and Video

Repotting Your Orchid & Repotting Video

What's Wrong with my Orchid? Improper Watering & Feeding Levels - and Video

What's Wrong with my Orchid? Improper Air Movement & Light Levels - and Video

Recognizing and Eliminating Orchid Pests - Blog & Video

Recognizing and Eliminating Orchid Diseases- Blog & Video

What is an Orchid Keiki & how do I Care for it?

Monopodial vs. Sympodial Orchids

Getting Your Orchids to Bloom

Basic Orchid Terminology

The Orchid Mantis - How Cool!

A Seasonal Guide to Caring for Your Orchids: WINTER