Phalaenopsis are America’s favorite orchid!  Their low-maintenance and long bloom life make them especially popular with all growers.  From the time the first flower bud opens, the floral ‘spray’ on a Phalaenopsis will remain in bloom for 2-3 months.  Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom season
after season, provided they are properly cared for and periodically re-potted in the right potting mix.


Phalaenopsis prefer bright filtered light.  Take caution with direct light, as your Phalaenopsis might burn.


Phalaenopsis thrive as household plants, and prefer daytime temperatures between 75F and 85F, and night time temperatures between 60F and 65F.


Allow the potting media to completely dry out before watering.  When watering, thoroughly soak the potting media and foliage, and allow any excess water to drain from the pot.  Keep in mind that more water will be required in hot temperatures, and likewise less water needed in cool temperatures.


Phalaenopsis must be fertilized on a regular basis.  For best results, use Better-Gro® Orchid Plus® Fertilizer every week, and Better-Gro® Better Bloom Fertilizer at every fourth watering to promote large, abundant blooms.


Phalaenopsis prefer to be grown in Better-Gro® Phalaenopsis Mix or Better-Gro® Premium Grade Orchid Moss®.  Phalaenopsis should be repotted once every year immediately after blooming


Common pests associated with Phalaenopsis are scale, mealy bugs and spider mites. Pests can be treated with pesticide sprays such as Orthene®, Sevin®, Malathion®, or Neem Oil®.


The ‘spray’ on Phalaenopsis plants lasts for several months.  However, the plant may flower again for a second time.  After the Phalaenopsis goes out of bloom, cut the stem just under the first flower on the spray and a new spray of flowers may emerge from the node below.


Mini Phalaenopsis


Orchid in Glass

Self-Watering™ Orchid Garden